Degen into Discord

Get chattin' in Discord to unveil your Champions' true stances...
The Village is a place of loud and place of merry, Place of excess and a place of plenty, The Village Square the centre piece, But the Tavern is where most feel free to speak. And the Blood Queen loves the raucous nature, Likes the noise, it entertains her, So she sets a Challenge in advance; Talk the most and learn your stance.
Degen into Discord
Degen into Discord (DiD) is a simple concept; it's time to bring the noise back to The Red Village discord. We are one of the buzziest and loudest communities in web3; it's time to make sure that newcomers feel that same (mead enhanced) energy when they first pass through the heavy iron gates of The Red Village and enter into general chat.
DiD will reward newcomers and existing Villagers alike, it ensures The Red Village stays busy over the Holiday period, it keep things fun, and makes sure there is plenty of activity as we move towards the launch of Summoning.

How to participate in DiD

Easy - write in The Red Village discord. That is, literally, it.
There are no hardcore requirements; simply spread good fun, ask questions, answer questions, and generally be a good Villager in The Red Village Discord. This is a lonely time for many, including some Villagers, and we want to make sure there is a fun, safe, and engaging place that people can hang out especially during these times. And you can win some top prizes while you are at it!
Join the rest of the Village as we welcome in a New Year, and potentially a few new Summoned beasts.

When does it run?

Degen into Discord will begin at 0001 UTC Monday 12th December 2022 (7PM ET Sunday 11th December). It will conclude at 0001 UTC Monday 2nd January 2023 (7PM ET Sunday 1st January).

What is being measured?

Activity in The Red Village discord. Every comment in The Red Village Discord is counted during this period. We'll be using third party data aggregators to measure who had the most comments, second most comments, and so on, over the period.


This is where it gets fun. The Blood Queen is offering a few things she has never offered before, and which will be incredible for winning Battlemasters. Revealing a Champion's true Preferred Fighting Stance is a public reveal and cannot be retracted; but the winning Battlemasters will permanently know which Stance their Champion is best in....
1st - 3rd
1 x Stance reveal of any Champion that they own. This is a conclusive, public, reveal of that Champion's preferred Fighting Stance.
4th - 25th
1 x Full refund of a Summon. This must be a private Summon.
26th - 50th
1 x 50% off a Summon (via refund). This must be a private Summon.

Terms and Conditions

  1. 1.
    TRV has the absolute right to change the prizes at our discretion up until the time the event finishes at 0001 2nd of January UTC (7:01 ET, 1st January 2023)
  2. 2.
    TRV team members are not eligible for the prizes
  3. 3.
    Any sign of users purposely increasing their activity in a way that is to clearly game the event will result in that user being disqualified at TRV full discretion.Talking to yourself is seen as a sign of insanity. Use of Chat Bots is strictly banned!
    1. 1.
      Repeated spamming of gifs etc in side channels is not allowed and will be monitored
    2. 2.
      Conversations must be real
  4. 4.
    All prizes must be redeemed before 31st of January 2023