Pre-Season Punisher

There's som'thing strange 'bout final chances, The last great questions left unanswered; As Champs march once more into the fray, Whose name'll fore'er remain engraved?


The Pre-Season Punisher (PSP) is likely the final traditional Championship before The Red Village introduces a Seasons mode. The PSP is a basic, short, non-grindy format which everyone can compete in.

Key Points

  1. 1.
    Qualifying for PSP will start at 9PM (ET), Sunday 17th September and qualifying will end at 9PM (ET), Friday 6th October
  2. 2.
    There are three separate weekly Tournaments within the one Championship; one for Summoned Champs, one for Purebloods, and one for all Champions
  3. 3.
    Prizepool is $2,500 USD


  • The PSP is run over three weeks, each week has its own Leaderboard, and it will feel like three mini Tournaments in one Championship.
    • Week One is for Summoned Champions. Week Two is for Pureblood Champions. Week Three, all Champions are eligible. Each Battle Class will have its own Leaderboard (LB) for each week (ie. Outlaw, Heroic, Legendary, Immortal).
  • There will be 2 Training Ground Tournaments, 1 Conditional, 1 Double Up, and 1 Traditional Tournament available in each class, each week. SNGs are excluded.
  • Champions will compete to record their best 5 Tournaments in a row from a maximum of 25 Tournaments in each Battle Class. Champions can fight and earn points for any LB/Battle Class; but only qualify for one (1) Class at the deadline. Priority will be given to the highest Battle Class.
    • Champions can continue to enter Tournaments after their 25 are exhausted, however they will not gain/lose any further points. Standard T&Cs apply.

Points System

Traditional Paid
+ 5 points
Double Up or Conditional
+ 2.5 points


  • Total points based off the tables above, then
  • For and against on damage, then
  • Most Paid Tournaments entered, then
  • Coin toss by the team

Finals Setup

Finals will be a 128 Champion cutline SNG (ie top 128 go through) for each Leaderboard. Payouts will be final round only.


Summoned Champions
9PM (ET), Sun 17th Sep - 9PM (ET), Fri 22nd Sep
Sun 24th Sep (ET), TBC
Pureblood Champions
9PM (ET), Sun 24th Sep - 9PM (ET), Fri 29th Sep
Sun 1st Oct (ET), TBC
All Champions
9PM (ET), Sun 1st Oct - 9PM (ET), Fri 6th Oct
Sun 8th Oct (ET), TBC


The total prizepool (PP) is $2,500 USD for the PSP. Payouts are via final round payout SNGs. Total PP split is as follows:
Week One: Summoned Champions. Total $800 USD
$200 for each final of each Battle Class
Week Two: Pureblood Champions. Total $800 USD
$200 for each final of each Battle Class
Week Three: All Champions. Total $900 USD
$200 for the Outlaw, Heroic, and Legendary finals. $300 for the Immortal final.


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