Pure Class

The Pure Class Championship is a fun and exciting conditional Championship scheduled for October, 2022, testing out Character Class specific Championships, and a new qualification format.

What is the Pure Class Championship (PCC)?

The Pure Class Championship is an 'Open Class' Championship. In other words, there won't be a snapshot needed here; this thing is a total Bloodbath. It is specifically based on a Champion's Character Class, not its Battle Class - think Barbarians beating Barbarians, Druids drubbing Druids, Wizards whacking get the idea.
There is no denying it; this will be a brutal Championship.

How does the PCC work?

To compete in the PCC, Champions will work towards competing their best 15 Tournaments in a row in eligible Tournaments during the Qualification period; but only their last 15 Tournaments will count. In other words, if a Champion completes 16 Tournaments during the Qualification period, only results 2-16 will count, and result 1 will be discounted. If a Champion fights 34 times, Tournaments 20-34 will count, and so on and so forth.
PCC Specific Tournaments are Character-Class specific $1 Bloodbaths (Classic 8 Player Tournaments) which are available On-Demand.
Champions will compete in specific Classic 8 Player Tournaments to be eligible for the PCC. Each Tournament will be Character Class-specific; for example, only for Barbarians, or only for Druids. All the Tournaments will be in Bloodbath - this means that a Champion's Battle Class (eg Legendary, Heroic), does not matter - everyone is together in the same boat.
For each Character Class, the Blood Queen will be running a series of $1 Tournaments, keeping the stakes low, but incentivising some paid participation (which should work well, given the recent announcement of Wisdom). These Tournaments are available On-Demand.
For clarity, Champions will be able to compete as much as they would like in normal Tournaments that are not Qualifiers for the PCC - only results recorded in the specific PCC Tournaments will be recorded for the purposes of the PCC. PCC Qualifiers will be clearly marked.

How does the Leaderboard work?

The Red Village has again partnered with good friend Scuer.eth at to provide the leaderboards for the PCC. These will be tracked and updated constantly throughout the Championship.
The leaderboard for the PCC for each Character Class is based off
  1. 1.
    Win Rate % (WR) of eligible Tournaments
  2. 2.
    2nd Place % of eligible Tournaments
  3. 3.
    Place Rate % of eligible Tournaments
  4. 4.
    Lowest number of Tournaments competed in
  5. 5.
    If all still tied, then random selection
In total, 32 Champions from each Character Class will move forward to qualify for the Semi Finals (160 Champions in total). The top TWO from each Semi Final will move forward into a Class specific Grand Final. There will be 5 Grand Finals in total, one for each of the Character Classes.

Bonus Round Robin

The winner of each of the 5 Grand Finals will then go into a 1v1 Round Robin, with the goal of crowning the overall Pure Class Champion.
  • There will be one day of Round Robin 1v1s, where each Champion will fight all the other Grand Final winning Champions once
  • Champions will be awarded 1 Point for a win in the 1v1 Round Robins
  • The top 2 Champions will then have a 1v1 for the chance to be crowned ultimate Pure Class Champion, and for an extra $250 USD prize
    • If there is a tie for 2nd place, Champions will participate in another 1v1 to settle the dispute

What is the Schedule for the PCC?

The PCC will run during October, 2022.
PLEASE NOTE THAT THE QUALIFYING PERIOD HAS BEEN EXTENDED BY 24 HOURS DUE TO POLYGON GAS SPIKES. All subsequent events, including the Semi Finals, Grand Finals, and Round Robins have been moved back by 24 hours.
Start Time (ET)
End Time (ET)
Qualifying Period
7PM (ET), Thurs 13th Oct
6:59PM (ET), Wed 19th Oct
Semi Finals
7PM (ET), Thur 20th Oct
10PM (ET), Thur 20th Oct
Grand Finals
7PM, Fri 21st Oct
8PM, Fri 21st Oct
Round Robin 1v1s
7PM, Sat 22nd Oct
9PM, Sat 22nd Oct
Robin Robin Grand Final
7PM, Sun 23rd Oct
730PM, Sun 23rd Oct

What is the Prize Pool for the PCC?

The PCC has a total prize pool of $2,500 USD.
  • Semi Finals ($1000): Each of the 20 Semi Finals has a $50 USD prize pool, split $35/$15 to winner and runner up
  • Grand Finals ($1500): Each of the 5 Grand Finals has a $300 USD prize pool, split $210/$90 to winner and runner up