The Day Zero Cup

The perfect chance to start playing TRV for the very first time. There are over 200,000 Wisdom Points available for players!
Many say they’ve waited long and prayed for this fine day, Many claim they think that Summoning is in fact the true game. Here exists a spot in time where we can almost say, That the playing ground is levelled now, and the Blood Queen thinks the same.
In the air and strong of late, the feel of Wisdom lingers, It seems as if, mayhap by chance, it has almost even tripled. And the Queen has offered Champs new and old, and those who’ve never played before; A giant pot of Wisdom for all those that prayed for more.

What is the Day Zero Cup?

The Day Zero Cup (DZC) is the Blood Queen’s effort to level the playing field before she begins her demonic Summoning protocol. It marks the day where all Battlemasters are equal, the starting point for The Red Village game. An opportunity for all to start from the bottom and work their way into the Hall of Fame. Think of this as the PERFECT opportunity to start playing The Red Village.
For the DZC, the Blood Queen is offering at least double Wisdom Points (WP) for every single Tournament a Champion enters, allowing you to position yourself in the best possible way for Summoning and the future. On top of this, she is also offering gigantic pools of Wisdom for Champions that participate, Champions that win, and Champions that achieve certain milestones over the course of the DZC.
The DZC is a fun Championship focused on progression and The Red Village game itself. There is no need to grind; but grinding is rewarded. A huge number of Champions will qualify and be rewarded.

What is Wisdom?

Unlike in other, similar games, in The Red Village, players are able to unveil information about their Champions’ actual fighting traits - their strength, defence, attack, and omega, using Wisdom. Every time a Champion participates in a Free Tournament, they collect 1 WP. Every time a Champion participates in a Paid Tournament, they collect 4 WP.
They can then use WP to reveal the range in which each of their fighting traits sit; the more WP they have, the smaller these ranges get. This is vital for the next phase of The Red Village; Summoning (known elsewhere as breeding), because it allows players to understand what their Champions are actually good at and use this information to find other Champions with which to Summon.
Doing so allows players to maximise their chances of Summoning stronger, more effective, and better earning Champions. For a deep dive into Wisdom, and how it relates to Summoning, please read our guide to Summoning, Part III.

What is the format for the DZC?

The DZC is split into two parts; one specifically for Mystic Champions, the other for Genesis Champions. The format follows the same logic for each of them. The goal of the DZC is for Champions to put together their best 5 Tournaments in a row.
  • Players do not have to stop competing after a string of good 5 Tournaments; even if your Champion competes in 83 Tournaments during the DZC but its best were Tournaments #6-10, those are the five that will count.
  • Champions can fight in any 8-Player Tournaments within their own Class (even if their Class changes throughout the DZC). They can also participate in Bloodbaths, but 1v1s do not count.
  • The Leaderboard will be calculated based off (and in order of priority)
    • For and against on damage
    • Number of wins
    • Number of seconds
    • Number of placed
    • Highest hit dealt at anytime within the 5 fights
    • Random coin toss

What are the dates for the DZC?

Start Time (ET)
Finish Time (ET)
Qualifying Period
9PM, 10th December
9PM, 18th December
Elimination Finals
7PM, 19th December
10PM, 19th December
Semi Finals
7PM, 20th December
9PM, 20th December
Preliminary Finals
7PM, 21st December
9PM, 21st December
Grand Finals
7PM, 22nd December
8PM, 22nd December

How are WP earned in the DZC?

There are five separate ways points can be earned during the Day Zero Cup. A full text explanation is available in the Terms and Conditions.
Bonus Section
How to earn it*
Total available*
Bonus Wisdom
Any Champion enters a Tournament; a minimum of double Wisdom applies
2 WP per Free Tournament, 8 WP per Paid Tournament
Champions that have completed between 1-10 Tournaments (inclusive) prior to the DZC receive an extra WP Bonus multiplier
3 WP per Free Tournament, 12 per Paid Tournament
Unfought Champions (who have never fought before the DZC) receive an extra WP Bonus multiplier
4 WP per Free Tournament, 16 per Paid Tournament
Winners Wisdom
Any Champion who qualifies for the Elimination Finals (256 in each Part)
200 WP per Champion
Win or come second in an Elimination Final
200 WP for the winner, 100 WP for runner-up
Win or come second in an Semi Final
400 WP for the winner, 200 WP for runner-up
Preliminary Finals
1,000 WP for the winner, 600 for runner-up, 3rd/4th receive 300 WP
Grand Finals
5,000 WP for the winner, 4,000 for runner-up, 3,000 for 3rd/4th, 2,000 for 5th-8th
Unblooded and Slightly Blooded Bonus
Any Champion who has completed between 0-10 Tournaments (inclusive) prior to the DZC and who reaches the Elimination Finals
1,000 WP per Champion
Grinders Bonuses
Hard Work Bonus: The ten (10) Barracks who collect the most WP during the DZC
1,000 WP to award to any Champion in their Barracks who a) fought more than 5 times during the DZC and b) was in their Barracks during the DZC
Hardest Work Bonus: The Champion who completes the most Tournaments during the DZC Qualifying Period
1,000 WP
Focus Bonus: The top five (5) Barracks with the highest average Wisdom collected. (Average Wisdom is Total Wisdom Earned/by number of their Champions that completed at least one Tournament during the DZC). * Players cannot win the Focus Bonus if they won the Hard Work Bonus
1,000 WP to award to any Champion in their Barracks who a) fought more than 5 times during the DZC and b) was in their Barracks during the DZC
Peasants Bonus
The bottom eight (8) Champions on the Leaderboard for each Part, who have completed at least 5 Tournaments during DZC, will fight on Grand Final Day in the Peasant's Playoff
Reverse Payout Structure: 500 WP for 1st, 750 for 2nd, 1,000 for 3rd/4th, 2,000 WP for 5-8th

Where are the Leaderboards for the DZC?

The Leaderboards for the DZC will be hosted by our dear friend and talented Battlemaster Scuer.eth at

What is the structure for the DZC?

For the DZC, the goal is as many Champions winning as possible. As such, 256 Champions will qualify for both Part I (Genesis) and Part II (Mystic) elimination finals.
Champions who will qualify
Champions who progress
Elimination Finals
256 over 32 Tournaments
Top 2 from each Tournament
Semi Finals
64 over 8 Tournaments
Top 2 from each Tournament
Preliminary Finals
16 over 2 Tournaments
Top 4 from each Tournament
Grand Final
8 over 1 Tournament
Seeding for the Elimination Finals will be rewarding the highest ranked Champions; the top two Champions will play the bottom six, Champions who come 3rd/4th will play the second bottom six, and so on.
From the Semi Finals onwards seeding will be random.

Are there Terms and Conditions?