The Halfblood Prince

There's a new Champ in town. Veterans, take a seat.
A thousand Champs from slumber wake, Brought from the dead to glory take, Summoned forth from place beyond, To prove that they are fast and strong. Their Masters chance to test their creations, Combining bloodlines with skill and patience, Ever stronger, ever braver, Every Champ their hope for greatness.
The Halfblood Prince Championship (HBP)

What is the Halfblood Prince Championship (HBP)?

The HBP is the big one; the level boss. The one we've all been waiting for. It is a high stakes, high reward Championship to decide, once and for all, who has Summoned the best Champion so far. Winning Battlemasters will share in $USD, Wisdom, Free Summons, Free Unblooded Champions, and eternal glory.
The HBP rewards the community for the huge start to Summoning, brings $$$ back into the ecosystem, and provides all of our players both new (of which there are many), and old, an opportunity to compete from a level playing field.
The HBP will also kick off at 9PM ET the same day following the opening of the next Summoning session, the first in which Halfblood (Summoned) Champions are able to Summon using their own blood. There will also be a giant Blood Queen's Buy Back (BQB) in this Summoning Session, as we continue driving to bring new players into the ecosystem throughout 2023.
There is at least $5,000 USD up for grabs - with an extra $5 USD being added for every single Summon that occurs during the HBP qualifying period, to a maximum of $10,000USD.
There are Terms and Conditions for this Championship


The HBP is not a grind. By capping the total number of Tournaments required, balance is brought, and players with lots of time have no advantage over casual players. Consistency is the name of the game in the HBP. Bonuses are tiered to keep Champions in their lane and there are a lot of Bonus points and prizes. Only Halfblood (Summoned) Champions are eligible to compete in the HBP.
Champions are competing to put together their best 10 Tournaments in a row. Champions can fight in any 8-player Tournament, in any class, including Bloodbath. Champions do not have to stop if they put together a good streak - it is the best 10 Tournaments in a row. There is a maximum of 50 Tournaments per Champion that will be counted. Champions do not have to stop fighting after 50 Tournaments, however only results from within the first 50 Tournaments will count.
This means if you compete in 46 Tournaments, but your best results were in Tournaments 6-15, those are what will be scored.
Incentives are tiered to encourage better Champions to fight in higher dollar Tournaments. New players who received a free Halfblood as part of the Blood Queen's Buy Back (BQB) will receive bonus points which can be stacked with regular points, to help level the playing field.
In the interest of keeping the Championship fair, strikes still count towards the leaderboard after the 50 Tournaments so players do not block other players from competing


Regular Points:
Place (3rd/4th)
Lost (5-8th)
Bonus Points:
Bonus Points
$1 entry
$2 and $3 entry
$5 entry and above
New Villagers from the BQBB* *In order to receive this, the Champion must be in the same wallet it was sent to
3 per Tournament (including frees)


Leaderboard is based off, and in order:
  • Total points based off the tables above
  • For and against on damage
Leaderboards for the HBP will be hosted by our friend Scuer.eth at TRV Tools


Champions eligible
Qualifying Period
Any Summoned (Halfblood) Champions
Semi Finals
128 Champions
Preliminary Finals
32 Champions
Grand Final
8 Champions
Seeding for the finals will be Serpentine Seeding, to give Champions who finish well on the Leaderboard the best opportunity to progress on to the next round of finals. This means Semi Final 1 will contain Champions 1, 32, 33, 64, 65, 96, 97, and 128. See images below for details.
Serpentine Seeding

Schedule (times in ET)

Start Time
End Time
9PM (ET), Friday 3rd February
9PM (ET), Tuesday 14th February
Semi Finals
7PM (ET), Wednesday 15th February
10PM (ET), Wednesday 15th February
Preliminary Finals
7PM (ET), Thursday 16th February 7PM (ET) Friday 17th February
9PM (ET) Thursday 16th February 9PM (ET) Friday 17th February
Grand Final
7PM (ET), Friday 17th February 7PM (ET), Saturday 18th February
8PM (ET), Friday 17th February 8PM (ET), Saturday 18th February


General Prize Pool Payouts

Semi Finals - 32% of the total prize pool
In $USD terms
Each Semi Final is worth 2% of the total prize pool. Prizes are paid equally among the top FOUR in each Tournament (Double Up style)
At $5k total prize pool: $100 per Semi, $25 each for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th At $10k total prize pool: $200 per Semi, $50 each for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th
Prelim Finals - 28% of the total prize pool
In $USD terms
Each Prelim Final is worth 7% of the total prize pool. Prizes are paid 75% to 1st place, 25% to second place
At $5k total prize pool: $350 per Prelim. $262.50 for 1st, $82.50 for 2nd. At $10k total prize pool: $700 per Prelim. $525 for 1st, $125 for 2nd.
Grand Final - 40% of the total prize pool
In $USD terms
The Grand Final is worth 40% of the total prize pool. Prizes are paid 75% to 1st and 25% to second.
At $5k total prize pool: $1500 for 1st, $500 for 2nd. At $10k total prize pool: $3000 for 1st, $1000 for 2nd.

Bonus for Blood Portal Owners

Every (Halfblood) champion who completes at least 10 Tournaments within the qualification period will receive 500 Wisdom IF their Battlemaster also holds a Blood Portal in that wallet at the time qualification finishes.
Peasant Bonus If your Champion is in the bottom 20 of the Leaderboard at the end of the Championship, and your Champion has received no strikes, a free Unnamed, Unblooded Champion will be airdropped to the same wallet.
  • No paid fight or New Villager Bonus points will be taken into account for the bottom 20 Champions. Therefore the final bottom 20 Champions may vary slightly from the Leaderboard.