The Rising Dead (Annual)

The inaugural The Rising Dead Championship, designed to align with Halloween
As the moon glows in deepest shades of crimson, claret flows from 'neath this hellish prison, the land bathed in blood and red and gore, for the Undead have risen up once more.
And just like times of old and yore, few compete with them for Points in war, but those that do, maketh a name; the Rising Dead brings its winner eternal fame...
The Rising Dead Championship is a high stakes, high effort, high reward Championship scheduled for October/November, 2022. It is designed to celebrate Halloween and the Day of the Dead (el dia de los muertos) festivities, and will be repeated on an annual basis....
It is one of the first Championships to introduce cosmetic trait bonuses, and will use an 'Open Class' format, removing the need for a snapshot. So you can already get a headstart on next year's (spoooooky) prep....

How does the Championship work?

The Rising Dead Championship (RDC) is a straight-forward affair, designed to reward the best Champions and the most dedicated Battlemasters. Champions will compete to have the best result on the leaderboard over a maximum of 40 Tournaments over the four day qualifying period. Champions can continue to fight in Tournaments after this, however only the first 40 Tournaments will be counted towards their performance.
This is a Tournament based around the spooky season, and for that reason it only made sense that our friends the Undead got a little something extra....(more on this later!)
The RDC is an Open Class Championship, meaning that there is no need for a snapshot to be taken to confirm eligibility; every single Champion in The Red Village is eligible to compete. To earn points in the RDC, Champions can fight in any 8-player Tournaments (including Classic Tournaments and Double-Ups) within their Battle Class. Champions can also compete in Bloodbaths, however 1v1s do not count for the RDC.

How are points calculated for the leaderboard?

The leaderboard for the RDC is once again hosted by our friend Scuer.eth at
For the RDC, Champions will compete in up to forty (40) Tournaments. Any Tournaments after the first 40 will not count towards their performance in the RDC.
Placed (3rd/4th)
Lost (5/6/7/8th)
Further to this, Undead Champions will receive a bonus of five (5) Points per Tournament entered. All Champions will also receive a bonus of 1 Point per Paid Tournament entered. Bonus Points can be collected together (combined) and are on top of regular Points.
For example, if an Undead Ranger enters a Paid Tournament, and comes 2nd, that Champion will earn 20 Points (2nd) + 5 Points (Undead bonus) + 1 Point (Paid Tournament), equaling a grand total of 26 Points.
If an Orc Barbarian entered the same Paid Tournament and came 2nd, he would only receive 21 Points in total.
The final leaderboard for the RDC will be calculated by
  1. 1.
    Total points
  2. 2.
    For and against (damage)

What is the structure of the RDC?

The RDC will use the Semi Final, Preliminary Final, Grand Final structure. In total, 128 Champions will qualify for the Semi Finals across 16 Tournaments. The top 2 from each Tournament will move on to the Preliminary finals (32 Champions in total). There are 4 Tournaments in the Preliminary Finals, and the top two will move on from each to the Grand Final. There will only be one Grand Final, consisting of the remaining 8 Champions.
The seeding for all finals (Semi and Preliminary) will be entirely randomised.

What is the schedule for the RDC?

The RDC is designed to align with some of the best holidays/celebrations in the calendar; The Day of the Dead, and Halloween. In 2022, this works out particularly well...(all times are in ET).
Start Time
End Time
Qualifying begins
9PM (ET), 26th October
9PM (ET), 30th October
Semi Finals
7PM (ET), 31st October
1030PM (ET), 31st October
Preliminary Finals
7PM (ET), 1st November
820PM (ET), 1st November
Grand Final
7PM (ET), 2nd November
715PM (ET), 2nd November

What are the Prizes for the RDC?

Number of Events
2nd Places
Semi Finals
Preliminary Finals
Grand Finals