The TopUp Tourney

What is the TopUp Tourney (TuT)?

The TopUp Tourney is the next Championship being run in The Red Village. The Blood Queen has decided to distribute some of her gold to Battlemasters in the Village who are willing to enter some of her famed 'Paid Tournaments.' Those with the biggest thirst for glory shall be rewarded...
In effect, The TopUp Tourney is a series of $1 paid Tournaments. For each of these $1 Tournaments, the Blood Queen will add $6.25 to the kitty, and has revoked her usual 2.5% tax, meaning that Champions are playing for a share of $14.25 in each Tournament.

What kind of Tournaments are eligible for the TuT?

Both Classic Tournaments and Double-Ups are eligible for the TuT.
In a Classic Tournament, as per usual, the winner will take 70% of the spoils, but in the TuT the second place Champion will take the full remaining 30%. In Double-Ups, the payment structure will remain the same, but the 2.5% tax has been removed. Meaning that the top four (4) Champions will receive a quarter of the $14.25 PrizePool.
TuT Tournaments will appear in the Scheduled Tournaments section of the website, and will be clearly marked, so you will know what you are entering!

When Will the TuT Run?

The TuT will run from 8AM (ET), Friday 23rd September until 7:59PM (ET) Friday 30th September, making it just over a week long.

How does TuT Work?

This time around, we are running a pretty straightforward Championship structure. Unlike other Championships, with leaderboards and weekly targets, this is a drop-in/drop-out structure that doesn't involve any significant investment of time from Battlemasters. You can enter as many, or as few TuTs as you'd like over the length of the Championship.
In the TuT, there will be four (4) Topped-Up Tournaments per hour. These Tournaments will focus on one Battle Class per hour (Outlaw, Heroic, Legendary, Immortal), and all four battles will occur within the one hour period.
Tournaments for any given Battle Class will occur at 15 minutes past the hour, at 30 minutes past, forty five minutes past, and on the following hour.
Fights will be scheduled for the next Battle Class at 45 minutes past the hour preceding, giving 30 minutes for them to be filled. Each Battle Class will cycle back every four (4) hours.
In total, with 4 Tournaments per hour x 24 hours per day x 8 days in total, there will be 768 Topped-Up Tournaments as part of the TuT.
An EXAMPLE of Tournament releases, for clarity on the structure:
Battle Class
Release Time
First Tournament
Second Tournament
Third Tournament
Fourth Tournament

Can I Still Compete in Regular On-Demand Tournaments?

Yep! The TuT has been deliberately structured so that Battlemasters can continue to participate in On-Demand Tournaments for the entire duration, without having to worry about missing out on entering the TuT.

What is the Total Prize Pool for the TuT?

Over the 8 days of the TuT, there will be 768 Topped-up Tournaments, each with $6.25 added by the Blood Queen, and with the usual 2.5% tax removed. This equates to a total Prize Pool of $4,800 USD in additional funding.

Terms and Conditions

  • There is a maximum entry of TWO Champions per Barracks per Tournament for the TuT. This Tournament is all about sharing the fun with the community. Please don't actively seek to circumvent these rules.
    • Failure to abide by the above, or repeated breaches, will, at the TRV Team's discretion, result in things such as suspension from eligibility for future Tournaments, disqualification from the TuT...or worse!