The Trial of Will: Immortals (TWI)

In the Village Red, Trials abound, Testing, learning, breaking ground. The Queen observes, is ever-seeing The Immortal Champs are clever beings. Only those both brave and cunning, Can hope to take the glory stunning; The more at risk, the more reward, Dare ye' add gold to yer hoard?

What is a Trial?

The Trial Championship Series is a format that is focused on testing/improving a particular area of the TRV ecosystem. This trial will be focused specifically on increasing the volume of paid fighting in TRV’s strongest battle class, Immortal. Trials will also be used to experiment with different types of qualifying conditions, payout structures, and finals formats.

What is the Trial of Will?

Trials of Will (TW) are Championships that are purely entry/effort based, (eg. The Give Back Cup). The actual performance of your Champion in the fights has no impact. Because the number of points received per entry is directly correlated with the buy-in amount (higher buy-in = more points) and the Tournament type (traditional Tournaments grant more points that other types of the same buy-in amount), the game within the game is fight selection and constantly assessing the risk vs reward for fighting in higher buy-ins.


All Champions are eligible for Trial of Will: Immortals (TWI), however entering paid Immortal Tournaments is the only way to earn points, so any Champions outside of Immortal that you’d like to qualify will need to fight their way up to Immortal in order to start earning points.
Champions have no restrictions on the number of points they can earn during the Championship. As of now, only double-ups, alternative and traditional Tournaments (not Win Rate conditionals) count towards scoring.
Immortal: Tournament Type
Points Per Entry
Double Up
At the start of the TWI, 2 of each qualifying $1 Tournament and one $5 Tournament will be available. As this is a Trial, the TRV team has full discretion to add any and all Tournament types and buy-in amounts to this point system at ANY time, based on feedback, demand or desire for experimentation. Be prepared to adapt your gameplay or strategy at any time of this trial.
READ THE ABOVE PARAGRAPH AGAIN; be prepared to adapt your gameplay or strategy at any time of the TWI.


Leaderboard is based off and in order:
  • Total points based off scoreboard above
  • # of $5 traditional Tournaments entered
  • # of $1 traditional Tournaments entered
  • # of $1 alternative Tournaments
  • # of $1 double-ups Tournaments
  • Coin flip by TRV Team if still tied
Leaderboards for the TWI will be hosted at TRVTools

2 Champ Entry Cap & No Strike System

For this Trial, a Battlemaster can only earn points when two or less champs are entered. This way, Champs aren’t penalized for mistakes and no players are DQ’d based on those mistakes.

Structure, Prize Pool, and Finals Format

The TWI will be testing out a new structure called “Divisional Finals”. After 128 champions qualify for the finals, the Leaderboard will be split into 4 divisions based on final rankings, with the total prize pool also split 4 ways. The higher the cutline for a particular division, the more money that division will be fighting for in the finals.
Prize Pool
1st - 32nd
Division 1
33rd - 64th
Division 2
65th - 96th
Division 3
97th - 128th
Division 4

SNG Series Finals

The finals for the TWI will utilize 7-tourney Series SNGs, with 10% of the divisional prize pool going to each of the 4 Semi Final Series SNGs for that division, and 60% going to the Grand Final Series SNG for that division. 2 Champions will advance from each divisional SF based on the following:
Most 1st place finishes > Most 2nd place finishes > Most placed > Leaderboard position

Division Payouts (click each tab)

Division 1 Payouts
Division 2 Payouts
Division 3 Payouts
Division 4 Payouts
Semi Finals (40%)
Each Semi Final has a $100 prize pool
Grand Final (60%)
$600 prize pool
Semi Finals (40%)
Each Semi Final has a $75 prize pool
Grand Final (60%)
$450 prize pool
Semi Finals (40%)
Each Semi Final has a $50 prize pool
Grand Final (60%)
$300 prize pool
Semi Finals (40%)
Each Semi Final has a $25 prize pool
Grand Final (60%)
$150 prize pool

Bonus Rewards

King of the Hill Bonus

The #1 ranked Champion on the Leaderboard at the end of the qualifying period will receive a KOTH prize of $125 in WETH.

Top 10 Stance Reveal Bonus

The top 10 Champions on the leaderboard at the end of qualifying period will receive a stance reveal for their battlemaster.


Seeding for the Semi Finals will be Serpentine Seeding within each division, to give Champions who finish well on the Leaderboard within their division the best opportunity to progress on to the Grand Finals.


Start Time
End Time
9pm (ET) Mon 15th May
9pm (ET) Thu 25th May
Division 1 Semi Finals
6pm (ET) Sun 28th May
9pm (ET) Sun 28th
Division 2 Semi Finals
6pm (ET) Mon 29th May
9pm (ET) Mon 29th
Division 3 Semi Finals
6pm (ET) Tues 30th May
9pm (ET) Tues 30th May
Division 4 Semi Finals
6pm (ET) Wed 31st May
9pm (ET) Wed 31st May
Grand Finals
6pm (ET) Fri 2nd June
9pm (ET) Fri 2nd June

Terms & Conditions