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Bloodlines and Genotypes

There are five Bloodlines in The Red Village ecosystem. Four of these are known as the Purebloods, which refers to Champions which are minted directly from The Red Village website during one of the four drops. Pureblood Bloodlines are Genesis, Mystic, Warlord, and Lionheart. There will only ever be 28,000 Pureblood Champions in The Red Village ecosystem; once these have been minted, there will never be any more.
Each Bloodline also has an associated Genotype, which is represented by an Rnumber between R1 and R99. Genotypes refer to the generational distance between any given Champion and the first (and rarest) Champions to exist.
Pureblood Champions fall into one of four different bloodlines, each of which has an associated Genotype range (Rnumber). Genesis Champions have an Rnumber of R1-R3; Mystics are R4-R6; Warlords are R7-R9, and Lionhearts are R10-R12. Halfblood Champions refer to any character who is Summoned, and will have an Rnumber between R13 and R99. The lower the Rnumber (i.e the closer to R1), the rarer the Champion from a collectability standpoint.
How these impact fighting
In terms of fighting ability, there are two main things for Battlemasters to be aware of. Firstly, the earlier Bloodlines will have a better chance of performing a special move in any given fight. They are slightly more likely to launch a special attack, or special defensive move, regardless of their opponent. This can mean that they have a slight advantage over later Bloodlines.
Earlier Bloodlines have a higher chance of launching a special move
Secondly, the Genotype determines who strikes first in any given fight. The lower the Rnumber (i.e the closer to R1) will ALWAYS strike first. If two characters share an Rnumber, the algorithm will randomly determine which Champion strikes first. The first strike is computed to be, on average, very slightly weaker than any other given strike in a fight, however there is still a slight advantage to attacking first. Therefore, Battlemasters will likely seek to own, and Summon with, lower Genotypes to improve their chances of winning.
The lowest Genotype in a fight will always strike first