Fighting traits

Each Champion is assigned random Fighting traits at mint; strength, attack, defence, omega, fatigue, and special skills. For Pureblood Champions, these are random; for Summoned (bred) Halfblood Champions, these attributes are hereditary. In both instances, Battlemasters do not know their Champions exact abilities. These traits do impact fighting ability. Battlemasters are encouraged to enter their Champions into many fights, against many different opponents, in many different arenas, to learn their Champions' fighting styles, abilities, and preferences. Doing so will improve their chances of winning tournaments, and give them the information they need to Summon (breed) for stronger Champions.
  • Strength: The possible damage inflicted by any given strike. Stronger Champions will be able to hit more devastating blows.
  • Attack: This is the variation in a Champion’s strike. A higher score means more variation and a lower score means less variation.
  • Defence: How hard a strike a Champion can absorb before taking damage in a fight. More defensive Champions are likely to incur less damage.
  • Omega: Is an amalgamation of other fighting traits which have not been revealed to Battlemasters.
  • Fatigue: How quickly a Champion recovers after participating in a fight or Tournament. Champions with better fatigue ratings recover more quickly and will fight at closer to their best more quickly. [Not currently enabled].