Entry Fees

Fights are set with random entry fees. To enter a fight, Battlemasters (players) pay a nominal entry fee. These entry fees are then pooled amongst all the other Battlemasters who enter, with the winner and the runner-up splitting the winnings 70%/27.5%. 2.5% returns to The Red Village Community Chest to be used for ongoing game development and free entry Tournaments.
Entry fees will range from the more affordable to the more expensive, and will be adjusted to make sure that there are plenty of affordable Tournaments for players, and also some larger-purse Tournaments for those willing to back their Champion and enjoy high-stakes matches. Higher fighting classes will usually have slightly higher minimum and maximum entry fees, to incentivise Battlemasters to perform better so that they can compete for larger rewards.
The Red Village will also host Championships from time to time, which will have significant prize pools.