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Anniversary Cup

The one-day-only celebration of 12 months of blood in The Red Village!
The floor stained dark and caked in blood, Thick the stench of heavy mud, A well worn sign doth grace the door, ‘Ye who enter, shall live no more’. And yet the gates swing to and fro, Champions come and Champions go. None of the brave do pause or think, Each convinced they’ll take the win.
To celebrate one year of The Red Village, we have put together a short, one-day-only Championship that does not discriminate based on the best or the worst Champions - but instead gives everyone an equal opportunity to take home the prize. This is a one-off Championship, with no conditionals, no entry requirements, no snapshots, and no terms and conditions. Just a bit of good old fashioned fun!

How does the Anniversary Cup work?

Simple. The Anniversary Cup begins at 7PM ET (midnight UTC), Thursday 17th November, 2022, and runs for 24 hours, until 6:59PM ET, Friday 18th November, 2022. For every Tournament (Classic or Double Up) that a Battlemaster enters a Champion in, they will receive one ticket.
So, for example, if you enter your Champion into 10 Tournaments, you will receive 10 entry tickets. If you are a Barracks with many Champions, and you enter one Champion into 9 Tournaments, and three others into 2 Tournaments each, you would receive 15 tickets at the Barracks level.
At the end of the 24 hour period, the TRV team will randomly draw a winner, who will take home the cash prize. There will also be prizes for second and third places. No leaderboards this time around, just a straightforward draw!

How much is up for grabs?

This Championship is a quick, one day affair, just to say thanks for our first birthday - as such, we thought it fitting that for 365 days of TRV, we should make the prizes a little sentimental, as follows:
  • 1st prize: $1,000 + an Unblooded R3 Paladin + 5 Sandbox avatars (one of each class)
  • 2nd prize: $500 + Blood Portal
  • 3rd prize: $250 + Mystic Bones

When will prizes be drawn?

Winners will be drawn Tuesday, 22nd November (ET) via random selection.

Will there be more Championships in future?

Definitely, we are working on some new and exciting formats as we speak. The team has been laser focused on finalising Summoning over the last few weeks, but we are looking forward to resuming more frequent Championships once the Blood Queen finally brings the Bloodwraith out of hiding!