Battle Classes

Battle Classes are designed to keep Tournaments fair and even. Battle Classes represent how well Champions have performed in previous Tournaments, and are represented by an ELO Ranking system. Before they've fought, Champions are all known as The Unblooded, and begin in the Heroic Class. In response to Community suggestions and data analysis, we have replaced our old Class system, based on Fight Points/Battle Points.
The new Class system will be based on an ELO Ranking.
An ELO Ranking is a method for calculating the relative skills of Champions (and their Battlemasters), and is a dynamic way of representing their comparative, rather than absolute strength. While often associated with chess, ELO Rankings, or variations thereof, are also widely used in professional sports and eSports.
As a result, Classes will now be set by percentiles, rather than a set figure. The contract has been designed in such a way that we can have rolling percentiles within each Class, rather than static amounts. We can also add or remove Classes at any time as needed, which will be incredibly useful as our player base, and number of Champions in the ecosystem, increases over time.
This means that the TRV Class system will be a much fairer representation of the ecosystem, and also means that each Class will have an appropriate number of Champions in it to allow for the most vibrant and fair levels of competition.
This will be achieved by a weekly rebalancing of Classes, based on ELO Rankings, which will be done on Monday AEST (Sunday ET). To begin with, Bloodbath will remain open for all Champions (although we are working on specific types of Bloodbaths, which will have different requirements), Outlaws will be the bottom 20% of Champions as rated by ELO, Heroics will be between 20.01%-60%, Legendary between 60.01%-90%, and the fabled Immortal Class will be between 90.01%-100% of Champions in the ecosystem.
This means that every Monday (AEST) when these classes are rebalanced, the Class of any given Champion may change, despite its ELO score remaining the same. Again, this will keep competition balanced, and provide a fair representation of Champions across classes, and is a much more dynamic way of dealing with the distribution of Champions as the ecosystem grows due to both new players joining, and Summoning (our breeding protocol) being rolled out.
Keep in mind, that Class systems and the way that they are defined are not set in stone — we are always evaluating and re-evaulating life in the village and will continue to update and improve over time on as as-needed basis.