Process of Summoning

Battlemasters must take the long, treacherous road to the Bloodwraith’s lair, deep in the wild snows of the Darklands, to Summon. It is a journey of many weeks, and most who embark upon it do not return, consumed by madness, darkness, or fallen to evil foes. It may be accessed via the ‘Summon’ section of The Red Village website,and it is here that you can see the Summoner’s Spellbook.
The Summoner’s Spellbook is the directory that shows all the Champions that are currently available to Summon with, and where you can list your Champions’ blood for other Battlemasters to Summon with. While a Champion is in the Spellbook, it can still compete in Tournaments as per usual, with no impact to its fighting ability. After the Champion has been used in a Summoning, however, it will need some time to recover, and will not be able to enter a Tournament for 2 days (48 hours). This applies to both Champions which participated in the Summoning. Both Champions can still participate in To-The-Death (1v1s) after a Summoning, just not Tournaments. (Note: This period may change in future).
From the Summon section of the website you will be able to select your own Champion to participate in the Summoning. Please note you must own at least one Champion to be able to Summon. You cannot Summon with a Rented Champion (see: Sword for Hire program).
You can then choose to Summon with one of your other eligible Champions or select a Champion from the Summoner’s Spellbook. You cannot select two Champions from the Summoner’s Spellbook to Summon with each other (unless they are both part of your Barracks).
On a desktop or laptop, Champion on the left side from your Barracks is known as the Bloodtaker and the Champion on the right side (either from your own Barracks or the Spellbook) is known as the Bloodgiver. The Bloodtaker’s Barracks will be the owner of the newly Summoned Champion!
On a mobile device or iPad, the Champion at the top is known as the Bloodtaker, and the Champion on the bottom is known as the Bloodgiver. Please note that the title will appear in the Champion's tile (Bloodtaker or Bloodgiver).