SNG Based. The rebirth of The Red Village Tournaments.


Read about Seasons on Medium. Seasons are the most skillful, exciting, and dynamic way to play The Red Village Tournaments. In Seasons, any Champion can be a winner. With the right Training, and the right cosmetics, even the lowliest of Peasants can win the Blood Queen’s Favour and take home the ultimate prize.
  • Seasons encourage training your Champions - boosting their Season-specific Fighting Traits and Season-specific Elo, for better chances of winning.
  • Seasons can be any length, but will typically be a month long.
  • New Champions can be Summoned for roughly the first three quarters of any Season.
    • Every Champion Summoned during a Season automatically gets a Season Pass to compete in that Season.
  • Players can also buy a Season Pass for any of their Champions, but the Passes get progressively more expensive each time a player buys them for a particular Champion.
    • Pureblood Champions get a discount on Season Passes.
  • Three times in each 24 hour period of the first 24 days of a Season, free-to-enter SNGs will appear for each Battle Class. These are topped up (‘juiced’) by the TRV team and Paid Training Camp entries. The higher the Battle Class, the higher the payout. These are called Juicers.
    • The average size of the Juicer increases each week in the Season.
  • Players can enter Training Camps at any time. These are free-to-enter Tournaments that take random times to complete. At the end of these Tournaments, Champions might get a boost to one of their Season-specific Fighting Traits.
    • An individual Champion cannot be enrolled in a Training Camp and a Juicer at the same time.
    • Paid Training Camps will have a higher Tournament fee, but a large amount of this will be reinvested into Juicers.
  • For the first 3 weeks of a Season, every Champion with a Season Pass gets a raffle ticket for every 12 hours they compete in a Tournament. At the end of each of the first 3 weeks a raffle is held and prizes are distributed to winners.
    • Prizes include cash refunds, wisdom, and stance reveals.
  • Seasons will introduce Burning, known as The Blood Queen’s Sacrifice.


These will be updated and uploaded every new Season, along with the meta for the next Season. These are subject to change; you'll need to be on top of them.
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