Summoning Fees

There are two fees associated with Summoning, both of which are paid by the Battlemaster who keeps the Summoned Champion. A Battlemaster must select one of their own Champions to participate in the Summoning process (this Champion is known as the Bloodtaker). For a Battlemaster looking to Summon a new Champion, they have to pay both the Battlemaster who is letting their Champion’s blood be used (and who doesn’t get to keep the newly Summoned Champion, known as the Bloodgiver), and they also have to pay the Bloodwraith.
The Bloodgiver decides a price that they will charge to allow a Battlemaster to use their Champion to Summon; they choose this price when adding their Champion to the Summoner’s Spellbook. There is a minimum fee based on the rarest Bloodgiver’s Genotype and Breed, but there is no maximum fee. This fee is split between The Red Village Community Chest, The Exchequer’s Account, and the Barracks of the Bloodgiver Champion. The exact split depends on the number of Tournaments the Bloodgiver has been involved in. The more fights a Bloodgiver has participated in the greater the share for its Battlemaster.

Summoning Fee

The Bloodwraith charges a flat $25 USD for Summoning.

Blood Fee

The other part of the Summoning Fee is to pay for the Blood donated by the Bloodgiver Champion.
Minimum Fees are based on the Genotype of the Bloodgiver:
Minimum Fee ($USD)

Private Summoning

When a Battlemaster summons from within their own Barracks with neither Champion selected from the Summoner’s Spellbook this is referred to as a Private Summoning.
Please note that the Blood Fee for a Private summoning is calculated using the lowest Rnumber of the Bloodtaker and Bloodgiver (eg. using an R3 and and R25, the R3 will be used to calculate the fee). So the fee will remain the same regardless of which of the two Champions is selected as the Bloodtaker or Bloodgiver.

Public Summoning

A Battlemaster may at any time during the Summoning Cycle add a Champion to the Summoner’s Spellbook. They will be able to determine the Blood Fee that needs to be paid for the right to Summon with this Champion. They are able to list any fee (in USD) as long as it is equal to or greater than the Minimum Summoning fee for the Champion’s Genotype. A Champion will remain in the Spellbook until the Summoning Cycle has completed (when all listed Champions are removed). A Champion selected from the Spellbook to be Summoned with is known as the Bloodgiver.
When a Battlemaster Summons using a Champion from the Spellbook (the Bloodgiver) they will pay the Blood Fee listed by the Owner of the Bloodgiver Champion. Please note that this Blood Fee may be greater than the Minimum Fees listed above based upon their Genotype.
The greater the number of Tournaments that a Bloodgiver Champion has participated in the greater the proportion of the Blood Fee that goes to its owner.
The Blood Fee is then split as follows: