The Red Village (TRV) is the leading Dark-Fantasy franchise in the Metaverse. TRV digital assets called 'Champions' are used across two distinct game modes: Tournaments (currently live, in Beta), and Darklands (currently under development in a multi-year partnership with the award-winning game development studio 'Blowfish Studios' (a subsidiary of global blockchain giant Animoca Brands)).
There are five classes of Champion in The Red Village; the Barbarian, Wizard, Druid, Ranger, and Paladin. Each Champion is completely unique with its own distinct name, skills, attributes, and characteristics. There will only ever be 28,000 of these Pureblood Champions in The Red Village ecosystem spanning across four distinct Bloodlines; Genesis (R1-R3 genotype), Mystic (R4-6), Warlord (R7-R9) and Lionheart (R10-12). Only the Genesis and Mystic Champions have so far been released, 11,000 Purebloods in total.
Using their fearsome Champions, players can fight for honour and glory in famed The Red Village Tournaments, much to the delight of the malevolent Blood Queen. Victorious players earn in-game progression, real financial rewards; or even their opponent's Champions!
Players may also brave a trip to the lair of the Bloodwraith, where they can Summon (mint) new and deadly Halfblood Champions. By studying and learning their Champions' attributes, they can breed for better fighting traits and more powerful warriors.
Tournaments are a game of discovery and strategic building of your Barracks. Your goal as Battlemaster is simple – acquire or Summon the best Champions and win Championships for real financial rewards! When it comes time to battle there are two levers at your disposal – who you enter and what Fighting Stance they use. As you fight your Champions you gain Wisdom to reveal their Fighting Traits, which in turn will aid you in your quest to Summon the next generation of even stronger Champions. Summoning is the source of true rewards for a hardened Battlemaster.
Darkly humorous, bloody, brutal, and rewarding, The Red Village is a game for the ages.