Summoning Tips + Hints

There are no guarantees when Summoning Champions. The process of Summoning has a relatively low level of randomness - particularly with Fighting Traits. There are still a very large number of possible combinations and Traits and it should be expected that results will vary greatly. Until such time as Battlemasters have a good understanding of Genetic Traits it will take multiple Summons to achieve a desired outcome!
Here are some basic tips:
  • Use Cosmetic Traits as a guide to learn about the Summoning mechanics - they are a lot easier to see!
  • Use Wisdom to understand what Champions have the Fighting Traits that you are after
  • There is no benefit to Summoning with Unblooded Champions
  • Halfbloods may end up with improved Fighting Traits but Purebloods and Summoning with Purebloods will still have benefits
  • Start your Summoning process with a goal or a target and work towards it
  • Understand that it may take a few generations to achieve the outcomes that you want
  • Any Champion may be able to Summon the next greatest Champion in the Tournaments, however, great Champions (particularly Purebloods) are more likely to do so.
  • The best Champion in the Tournaments may one day be a Soulless Champion but it will take a number of generations to get there.
  • When looking to save money and put your Champions into the Summoner’s Spellbook - watch out for snipers
  • Most importantly - have fun, enjoy the chances and vagaries of the Summoning process - it is a game after all!