Rarity traits

As there is a generative art project at its core, every single Champion in The Red Village ecosystem is completely distinct from every other and is its own unique, nonfungible token (NFT). There are a huge amount of random characteristics which any given Champion can be assigned. As mentioned earlier, there are five character classes; Barbarians, Druids, Rangers, Paladins, and Wizards. On top of this, there is also
  • Breed
  • Hair style
  • Hair colour
  • Armour colour
  • War paint
Cosmetic traits do not impact fighting ability, but are of different rareness (scarcity) and thus may be valued by collectors.
Breed: There several different breeds to begin with; Highborn, Nordic, Half-Dwarf, Elf, Origin, Orc, The Ethereal and The Undead. Breeds are shown in the skin colour and facial features of the Champion.
Hairstyle: There are five different hairstyles for each class of Champion (i.e. the hairstyles for the Wizard are different to the five hairstyles for the Ranger etc).
Hair colour: There are five different hair colours across the classes; grey, light brown, dark brown, auburn, and blonde.
Armour colour: There are 47 different armour colours of different rarity, which are organised into palette types, plus some Summon-only armour shades. Armour colour is shown in the armour of the Champion. See Armour colours for a table of shades.
War paint: There are three different war paint styles (one of which is 'no warpaint'), and 8 different colours of warpaint.