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Summoning is the act of bringing the blood of two Champions together to create a third, brand new Champion. In other games, this may be referred to as ‘breeding’, but given the process and the type of characters we have here in The Red Village (TRV), it is called Summoning!
Summoning can be done within a Battlemaster’s own Barracks - between their existing Champions - or it can be done on an open marketplace, mixing the blood of their own Champions with that of other players’.
Summoning occurs during what is known as a ‘Summoning Cycle’. These are periods of time when the Blood Queen has seen enough blood spilled that she feels inclined to call the Bloodwraith forward to commence his wicked spells. In other words, Summoning is not available all the time; the Bloodwraith will come and go based on how many Champions have been Summoned, and how many Tournaments have been completed. These are not fixed figures, but will vary; a counter will be shown on the TRV website, allowing players to track the Cycles and work towards bringing the Bloodwraith back.
To Summon successfully requires a good mix of skill, patience, chance, and strategy. Summoning well can certainly be a profitable endeavour for players. In a game such as TRV where you have actual, real, ownership of your digital assets, you are free to sell, trade, swap, or dispose of your Summoned Champions however you’d like.
The goal of Summoning is to combine the skills of Champions - preferably using the knowledge you have gained from Wisdom (revealing their traits, strengths, and weaknesses) - to create either more powerful Champions, more likely to win in Tournaments, or Champions of a particular cosmetic rarity. In some instances, you may seek to optimise for both outcomes - generating not only cosmetically rare, but highly effective Champions too.