Summoning Rules and Limits

The Summoning Cycle

Summoning can only be undertaken in The Red Village during a Summoning Cycle. A Summoning Cycle only occurs once there has been sufficient activity within The Red Village via Tournaments (and other brutal acts). On the Summon page of the TRV website a notification will be posted as to the number of Tournaments required until the next Summoning Cycle opens. There will be times in The Red Village when the Blood Queen, with her unpredictable nature, will choose to keep the count hidden from Battlemasters!
Please note that at this stage it is first in best dressed as to which Battlemasters are given the opportunity to Summon (within Summoning Limitations). There will also be times when only certain Battlemasters will be able to Summon. The most likely gating will be around ownership of a Blood Portal! The Summon page will indicate the number of Summons available/remaining in the current cycle.
Each Champion will only be able to Summon once publicly and once privately in each Summoning Cycle - so choose your Champions to Summon with wisely. Use Wisdom as your guide to combine the most effective Champions. Once the number of allowable Summons within a Summoning cycle increases the number of Summons per Champion may increase. If over a time period (normally 2-3 days) Battlemasters choose not to utilise the available Summons within a Summoning Cycle it will be at TRV’s discretion to either open up Champions to undertake multiple Summons or close the current Summoning Cycle early.
On occasion special Championships and Tournaments will be run that may apply additional bonuses that will speed up the arrival of the Summoning Cycle.