Fighting traits

Each Champion is assigned random Fighting traits at mint; strength, attack, defence, omega, fatigue, and special skills. For Pureblood Champions, these are random; for Summoned (bred) Halfblood Champions, these attributes are hereditary. In both instances, Battlemasters do not know their Champions exact abilities. These traits do impact fighting ability.
  • Strength: The possible damage inflicted by any given strike. Stronger Champions will be able to hit more devastating blows.
  • Attack: This is the variation in a Champion’s strike. A higher score means more variation and a lower score means less variation.
  • Defence: How hard a strike a Champion can absorb before taking damage in a fight. More defensive Champions are likely to incur less damage.
  • Omega: Is an amalgamation of other fighting traits which have not been revealed to Battlemasters.
  • Fatigue: How quickly a Champion recovers after participating in a fight or Tournament. Champions with better fatigue ratings recover more quickly and will fight at closer to their best more quickly. [Not currently enabled].