Summoning FAQs

What is Summoning?

Also called breeding in other games! Summoning brings the blood or DNA of two Champions together and mints a new Champion that will (mostly) inherit Cosmetic, Fighting and Genetic traits from its parents.

How do I Summon?

When a Summoning cycle is in progress within The Red Village you can access Summoning from the Summon link from the top of each page on the TRV website. To Summon you need to own (not Rent) at least one Champion. Once on the Summoning page you can choose to Privately Summon from within your Barracks or Publicly Summon with another Barracks’ Champion that is listed on the Summoner’s Spellbook.

How do I make money from Summoning?

Whilst there are no guarantees, and this is certainly not financial advice, the easiest ways to make money from Summoning are to Summon a Champion with great Fghting Taits. As you will then own the new Champion, you can either fight that in Tournaments and Championships earning money or sell that asset to others. You can also make money via Summoning by “selling” your Champions DNA so that others may use it for their own Summoning!

Wen Summoning?

Summoning is available each Summoning Cycle. When Summoning isn’t available there will be a Tournament Counter (counting down) on the Summoning page. What do I do? Fight. Every tournament held brings The Red Village closer to a new Summoning Cycle!

Can I Summon with an Unblooded Champion?

Summoning is allowed with an Unblooded Champions. Please note that Unblooded Champions will have no Wisdom and thus no visibility of a Champions possible Traits. In a public Summoning the owner of an Unblooded Champion will receive less of the Summoning Fee.

Can anyone Summon the next best Champion?

Summoning is designed so that with the clever combination of Champions, you have a much better chance to summon the next best Champion - but the combination of any set of Champions could Summon the next best Champion! You can also seek out Champions from other Barracks to Summon with to improve your chances as well - this can be done via the Summoner’s spell book!