The Give Back

Giving everyone a chance to win.
"Give us blood; we want not water, Give us lambs for the slaughter, Give us that for which we yearn, A place to kill and a place to earn. We cry now loud for crimson to spill, We shout and scream til we get our fill. Keep them coming, day by day, Blood and guts and games to play..." - Song often sung in the Seven Stars Tavern, The Red Village

What is the Give Back Championship (GBC)?

To celebrate an awesome year of gameplay in The Red Village, cap-off a successful week of networking at NFT NYC, and show our immense appreciation and gratitude for our community, we have put together a simple, one week, free entry Championship that gives back to our most dedicated players. The GBC doesn’t discriminate based on the best or the worst Champions - but instead gives everyone an equal opportunity to take home some awesome prizes.


  • Duration: GBC begins at 6PM ET, Friday 28th April, and runs until the beginning of the next Summoning Session.
  • Scoring: For every Tournament (Paid AND Free) that you enter a Champion in during the GBC, you will receive one ticket at the Barracks level. For example, if you enter a Champion into 10 free Tournaments, you will receive 10 entry tickets. If you have multiple Champions and enter one Champion into 9 Tournaments, and three others into 2 Tournaments each, you would receive 15 tickets at the Barracks level.
  • Rules: Each Barracks may only enter 2 Champions per Tournament. If a Barracks enters more than 2 Champions in a Tournament during the qualifying period, they will receive a strike. Any Barracks with 3 or more strikes during the qualifying period will be disqualified from the GBC raffle.


There is no leaderboard for the GBC; final data will be pulled when the next Summoning Session commences...The leaders shall be a mystery 'til then!


The top 25 ticket holders will receive automatic prizes based on their total ticket ranking at the end of the Championship.
Ticket Holder Ranking
Rank #1-5
$100 + Stance Reveal + 2 Summoning Refunds
Rank #6-10
Stance Reveal + 2 Summoning Refunds
Rank #11-25
2 Summoning Refunds
In addition to the Rank 1-25 prizes, 150 additional summoning refunds will be raffled off based on the number of tickets earned by all barracks during the qualifying period.
BONUS: Every Champion who completes 1 tournament during the Qualifying period will receive 400 bonus Wisdom!
Please reach out to #AKidFromCompton#0001 if you plan to fight Champions from multiple wallets

Terms and Conditions