The Make-Up Cup

The one-time-only response to the great Mystic Mixup!
A spell was cast and Champs confused, Unsure which of their traits to use, Many lost who win the most, And others won who ne’er come close. Now the Queen has righted wrong, And Champs return where they belong. To keep the peace across the country, She throws a Cup for all and sundry.
The Make-Up Cup (MUC)
A few weeks ago, a technical error meant that the performance of some Mystic Champions deviated from expected outcomes. To read more about the event, click here.
As promised, the Blood Queen, eager to keep the peace amongst her loyal Battlemasters and Barracks, has put together a Championship in recognition of the inconvenience. She has named it the Make-Up Cup (MUC). The Blood Queen, not typically known for her acts of kindness or contrition, would like to let the community know that she has sacrificed several of her engineers to the Bloodwraith to ensure that there are no more technical errors within her village.
The MUC is a fun Championship focused on Mystics, particularly those that competed in Tournaments during the impacted period, however there are prizepools and subprizes that every single Battlemaster in the Village is eligible to compete for.

How does the MUC work?

The MUC is broken into three separate Parts (I, II, & III).
  • Part I is for Genesis Champions only
  • Part II is for Mystic Champions only (whether they competed or not during that period),
  • Part III is for all Mystic Champions who competed in at least one Tournament during the Mystic Mixup period (October 18th-November 20th inclusive).
Each Part uses the same, fairly standard Championship format, designed to be simple, not too much of a grind, and easy for all to participate in.

What is the format for Parts I, II, and III?

The format for Parts I, II, and III is as follows: Champions will compete to put together their best (up to) twenty (20) Tournaments in a row over the qualifying period. Battlemasters can compete in as many Tournaments as they’d like, or as few as they'd like. So, for example, a Champion can compete in 85 Tournaments, but if their results were best in Tournaments 9-28, those are the results that will count. If a Champion only competes in 13 Tournaments, then the points from those 13 Tournaments will count.
Champions can fight in any 8-Player Tournaments within their own Class (even if their Class changes throughout the MUC). They can also participate in Bloodbaths, but 1v1s do not count. The Leaderboard will be calculated based off (and in order of priority)
  • Total points accrued
  • For and against (total damage)

What are the dates for the MUC?

The MUC will begin on the 28th November at 9PM (ET). Qualifying will last for eight (8) days, until the 6th December at 9PM (ET). After this, there will be Semi-Finals and Grand-Finals for each of the Parts.
Parts I & II will have Semi Finals beginning on the 7th December, at 7PM (ET). Part I & II Grand Finals will be on the 8th December at 7PM (ET). Part III (Mystics who fought during the Mixup) will have Semi Finals on the 9th December at 7PM (ET), Preliminary Finals on the 10th December at 7PM (ET), and the Grand Final on the 11th December at 7PM (ET).
Start Time (ET)
End Time (ET)
Qualifying Begins
9PM, 28th November
9PM, 6th December
Part I & II Semi Finals
7PM, 7th December
9PM, 7th December
Part I & II Grand Final
7PM, 8th December
8PM, 8th December
Part III Semi Finals
7PM, 9th December
9PM, 9th December
Part III Preliminary Finals
7PM, 10th December
9PM, 10th December
Part III Grand Final
7PM, 11th December
8PM, 11th December

How are points calculated for the MUC?

Scoring is simple in the MUC. Champions will receive 50 Points for a win (1st place), 20 Points for a 2nd place, and 5 Points for placing (coming 3rd or 4th). Losing Champions (finishing 5-8th) will receive 0 Points. There will also be a two (2) Point bonus for any Champion competing in a Paid Tournament, regardless of which position it finishes in.
Paid Tournament Bonus

Where do I view the Leaderboards for the MUC?

The leaderboard for the MUC is hosted by our friends over at

What is the structure of the MUC?

The Structure of the MUC is where things differ between the Parts. For Parts I & II (Genesis Only and Mystics Only), there will be 32 Champions that move forward into the Semi Finals, and 8 into the Grand Final.
For Part III (Mystics who fought during the Mixup), there will be 128 Champions that move forward into the Semi Finals, 32 who move into the Preliminary Finals, and 8 who reach the Grand Final.

What are the prizepools for the MUC?

The total prizepool for the MUC is $2500USD. For Parts I and II (Genesis Only and Mystics Only), there will be a $500 prizepool for each Grand Final, split $350/$150 between 1st and 2nd place.
For Part III, (Mystics who fought during the Mixup), there will be a $1,500 prizepool, awarded across the Preliminary Finals and the Grand Final. Each of the four (4) Preliminary Finals will have a $200 prizepool, awarded $140/$60 to the 1st and 2nd place Champions. The Grand Final will have a $700 prizepool, awarded $490/$210 to the 1st and 2nd place Champions.
Second Place
Part I & II: Grand Final
Part III: Preliminary Finals
Part III: Grand Final

Terms and Conditions for the MUC