The Training Ground Cup (TGC)

A storm a-brews, a thunder nears, Hordes of evil draw their spears, Closer now, every day; New Blood shall come to join the fray...
The Training Ground Cup (TGC) is a simple free Championship to encourage discovery and unlocking Champion Scouting Reports (CSRs) for the 3rd party data site TRVTools. Battlemasters who have unlocked the complete SEER ELO summaries for all their Champions will be best placed to take advantage of the 800+ weekly qualifying spots for the $5,000USD Championship that will follow the TCG...


9PM (ET), Monday 5th June
9PM (ET), Monday 19th June
Finals SNG TBA
Finals SNG TBA


Since CSRs are unlocked after completing 50 battles (rounds in a Tournament) in a Fighting Stance, Champions will receive 4 tickets for every battle fought under, or equal to, 50 total battles in a given stance. For Champions that have already unlocked a CSR, any battles past 50 will receive 1 ticket. Both free and paid Tournaments receive the same amount of tickets.
So for example, a Champion with 47 battles in balanced stance who enters a Tournament and makes it to the final round, will receive 12 tickets. 4 tickets for battle #48, 4 tickets for battle #49 and 4 tickets for battle #50. If that Champion were to then enter another tournament in a balanced stance and make it to the final round, it would receive 3 tickets, as the CSR for its balanced stance is already unlocked.


For TGC, a Battlemaster can only earn points when two or less Champs are entered in a single Tournament. Champions aren’t penalized for mistakes and no players are DQ’d based on those mistakes.


512 champions will be randomly selected for a $2000 finals series based on their TGC tickets. The finals will be a one-day traditional SNG that pays out the two Champions that advance in each round. The final round will have an alternative payout structure (12.5%, 12.5%, 25%. 50% for the remaining $800 prize pool.)
1st Round
2nd Round
3rd Round
Place in Final Round
2nd in Final Round
1st in Final Round


The raffle ticket leaderboard for the TGC will be hosted at

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