Buying & Selling Assets

Buying a Champion

Now that you've loaded Ethereum onto your MetaMask and connected it to The Red Village website, you are ready to purchase your first Champions.
  • Buy at Hawku (preferred and strongly recommended)
  • Buy at OpenSea
Our preferred marketplace, Hawku, has written a fantastic guide to Purchasing Your First Champion - what the stats mean, and what to look for. You can also pop into our discord general chat, and the community will certainly help you out to get something fantastic!

Selling a Champion

There are a bunch of reasons you might want to sell your Champions; you've landed a super rare breed, you've got a brilliant fighter who wins frequently, you've Summoned a few new Champions and your Barracks is getting too crowded to manage, or maybe you want to stop playing entirely. Either which way, the brilliance of The Red Village is that you can sell your Champions whenever you want. They are yours to do with as you please.
To sell your Champions, head over to either Hawku (strongly recommended) or Opensea and follow the instructions. You can choose the price you'd like, or simply accept bids.