The Buy Back

The time is near to grow this place...
She whispers to her trusted aides, The time is near to grow this place, She wants new blood to fall in spades, So Summon lots, She’ll buy their rage…


Announcing the Blood Queen’s Buy Back (BQB) program, designed to provide The Red Village team with a warchest of new, Unblooded, Champions, which can be used in new player acquisition, promotions, giveaways, partnerships, and competition prizes. These Champions will primarily be used to bring new players into The Red Village, to try and grow the ecosystem, and make TRV a more exciting place to be for all.

How do players get involved?

To get involved, players simply need to Summon a Champion using the Public-Yet-Private mechanism. The TRV Team will then buy this Champion back from the player at cost (ie you will get the net of the Summoning Fee and Blood Fee, less Bloodgiver owner’s share).
All you need to provide our Community Lead Doofy.eth with is your Discord ID, the Champion ID, and the transaction URL. The actual refund transactions will be completed by the team, as Doofy does not have access to treasury funds or wallets.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The Summon must be done as Public-Yet-Private. Players cannot use private or public Summoning to qualify for this program.
  • Players can not fight their Summoned Champion (including in 1v1s).
  • The Champion must be Unblooded.
  • It cannot have been used to Summon (other than its own creation).
  • Champions must have two Pureblood parents (Champions with a Halfblood parent are ineligible).
  • Champions must be Unnamed.
See the full list of Terms and Conditions for the BQB. Failure to read these will not be an excuse for a claim being refused!

What is the benefit for players?

Players can use this as an opportunity to learn about their best Champion’s Genetic Traits, and see how they are passed down through the generations. Players will also build their Champion’s perpetual earnings trail.

What is the benefit to The Red Village game?

It allows The Red Village team to market to new players, and acquire new users, by providing Unblooded Champions for free, allowing them to start playing, and, hopefully, enjoying The Red Village straight away. This has been extremely successful so far.

When will BQBs run?

The team will run these periodically, and announce them on twitter and discord before they begin.

Terms and Conditions

  • Players must use a Public-Yet-Private Summoning process
    • No Champion Summoned in a public, or private, Summoning will be eligible. This condition is final and no argument otherwise will be entertained.
  • To be eligible, players must send the transaction URL which displays the cost incurred, the Champion ID, and a screenshot of the Summoning process to Doofy.eth
  • Once Doofy.eth has confirmed eligibility of the Champion, the player must transfer their Champion/s directly to the team wallet. Doofy.eth will provide the player with the address
  • Champions must be totally Unblooded. They cannot be entered into any Tournaments or 1v1 matches at any time before being transferred to the TRV wallet
  • Champions also cannot have been used to Summon down the line (that is, they cannot have been involved in a Summoning, other than their own creation)
  • Champions must have two Pureblood parents. Champions with a Halfblood parent are ineligible.
  • Champions must be unnamed
  • Acceptance of the eligibility of any Summoned Champions is at TRV’s sole discretion.
  • TRV reserves the right to change the T&Cs at any point via an updated publication.
  • Again, Players must use a Public-Yet-Private Summoning process