Tournament Times

There are both 'On-Demand' and 'Scheduled' Tournaments that run within the The Red Village. Scheduled fights run to a schedule, and On-Demand Tournaments run when they are full. Both can be joined from the 'Tournaments' section of the TRV website. If you are looking to fill a particular type of Tournament, for example, a Double-Up in Outlaw, you are welcome to jump into the Discord General Chat (#genchat) at and ask - it will usually fill in no time!

What about the daily Tournament options?

The Blood Queen is introducing a weekly Tournament rotation schedule. These Tourneys will be automatically made available (and removed) on the ‘On-Demand’ page daily (they will run 00:00 - 23:59 GMT, which is 8PM-7:59PM ET).
She will be running a different Tournament type each day of the week. In future she will introduce more payout structures and Wisdom-boosting Tournaments, but to begin with, we have the following..!
  • Monday Madness Class specific Tourneys. Available only in Bloodbath, a different Class each week
  • Tightarse Tuesday $1 1v1’s - time to settle that beef, but cheaply!
  • Winners Wednesday Double-Ups. $1 entry, available for every class. The 4 Champs that win the first round split the Prize Pool.
  • Thinkers Thursday Win Rate (WR) specific. Each Class will have a $1 Tournament scheduled that you can only enter if you have below a certain WR...
  • Freaky Friday Double up. $1 entry, available for every Class. The 4 Champs that win the first round split the prize pool.